Track your journey!!!

Track your journey!!!

My journey has in no way shape or form been an easy one. Sometimes I get so discouraged by thinking I haven’t accomplished anything.

Then I go ahead and through some of my before pictures next to a current one. Its heart breaking and motivating at the same time. I had no idea I had let myself go so far.

So— Here’s a little inspiration for you.
The journey will take time.
The journey will be worth it.
You will see results.
Track your progress.

Overlooked importance prior to working out!!!

We’ve all been there.  We’ve all made the glorious mistake of wearing the wrong thing to workout in.   

1. Proper Panties

2. Sports Bra That Actually Supports

3. Cotton Socks

These are 3 vital things for any active activity!! 


Thongs, nylons, cheeky lacy sexy!   NOPE!!!    

Cotton, Granny, hip hugging bikini, cotton, cotton, cotton ! YES!!

Trust me from experience – There is absolutely nothing wrong with granny panties.   


You don’t want to be sliding around in your shoes while working out.   Wear cotton/drifit socks !

Support for the “girls” is a necessity.   Without the proper support — whether well endowed or wondering why you got left out of the blessing game– You can have a hard time trying to push through any workout.   The Support is necessary to stabilize the “girls”.  This will also prevent you from feeling unnecessary soreness after a workout.   Have you ever felt like your having a slight heart / panic / anxiety attack after or even during your workout???    Check out your support system – trust me you will be glad you did.!!


“As long as you…

“As long as your moving you’re burning calories, AND I LOOVEE YOU!! – Chalene Johnson

The most inspirational things come to you at the most random times.  

For instance at the end of a fire 55 ez workout.   Im covered in sweat, panting like an angry overweight man who has been fleeing from danger in fear for his life for the past 30 minutes. 
All of a sudden you hear a sweet unexpected voice. – “As long as your moving you’re burning calories, and i love you !!!”   

I sometimes find myself getting extremely disappointed in myself because I can’t always keep up with all the choreography of my workouts –    This small voice beacons and gives me hope.

So just remember guys…. JUST KEEP MOVING

Nothing ruins your Friday worse than realizing its only Wednesday!

Is anybody else having a ridiculously hard time adjusting to this daylight savings time nonsense?

All I know is that I keep thinking today is Friday.  Today is NOT Friday.  Today is only Wednesday.    

On a brighter note!!

Its only 2 days til Friday.   


Happy Hump Day