Motivation, Inspiration, Me???

Motivation, Inspiration, Me???

So with the recent release of my story ( ) – My life has been flooded with questions. Questions that let’s be honest I’m not really sure where to begin with most of them.

I have never thought of my self as an inspiration or a motivator. That seems to be the majority of what my recent incoming emails are starting out with.

I will begin to start sorting through questions and pick one a day to expand on here on my blog.

Me and My life- I’m just a normal girl. I have a past – just like you! But like all of my weight I am leaving the past where it belongs – (In the past)

The good Lord is the only person who can turn a test ( or in my case several tests) into a testimony.

I am by now way shape or form perfect.
But I am a child of the Heavenly Father – and he is writing my story now. 🙂

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  1. I love you! I’m so glad your allowing God to do such amazing things in your life, & are such an inspiration to others. Glad to call you my friend! Keep it up girly.

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