Fuel Your Bod –

Food is meant to fuel your body.

The biggest problem I run into meeting new people is let’s meet for dinner , or let’s have lunch.   We have grown into a society that revolves around food.   Holidays, reunions , social interactions, work functions and even some gyms now are centered around food consumption.   With all these ease of access food meetings the rate of obesity is continually increasing.

Most people rely on food for something other than its nutritional value. (Don’t worry I’m still guilty of this at times )

It’s time to STOP relying on food for anything other than nutritional value.

Here’s a few ways to help you start changing your dietary habits for the better –

1. STOP rewarding yourself with food – (You aren’t a dog)
–  Just got a job promotion – wonderful ! Opt for shoes instead of that steak dinner.

– Reached your goal weight – avoid the ice-cream cheat – opt for some new workout apparel.

– The goal is to get out of the mindset that food is a reward.

2. Keep track of what you are eating and drinking everyday.

– When you are consciously aware of what you are putting in your body you are less likely to wreak havoc the next time you pass that free snack tray or 1/2 off buffet coupon.

– Your smartphone is a great place to start with free apps to track your food intake.  My fitness pal is a great source and with a little trial and error you can have your favorite tracker by your side for ease of entry.

3. Ditch artificial sweetened drinks – (sodas, fruit juices, did I say sodas?)

– artificial is bad.  need i say more.

4.  Move social meetings somewhere other than the local joint for eating.  If you were raised southern baptist this could be even more difficult – since well we tend to eat for everything – Birth, Death, Reunions, or just to keep on praisin’ Jesus after a sermon on Sunday.

– with warmer weather parks are a great meeting place – you can always grab a healthy snack before hand (apple, banana, handful of almonds)

5. Rid your life of unnecessary stress.


– stress is going to happen and its inevitable – but when we are stressed we release cortisol which will aid to storing fat and we also want something to comfort our trouble so we turn to food.

– They say that worry is like a rocking chair it gives you something to do but won’t get you anywhere – So keep this in mind when things that are out of your control are going on.

Try these few simple changes for at least the next few weeks and let me know how it helped you.

Small changes do indeed make BIG differences over time .