Why I needed surgery with PCOS and Endometriosis



I’m not a writer by any means.  I do however have a lot to say, and want to stop this strange taboo of not speaking out when we as women have “female issues.”

A little back story. 

I was diagnosed at at 13 with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)   At the time they were still diagnosing as PCOD – which is Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease.  

At age 9 I was 120 pounds and it seemed like it happened overnight.  I was fairly active playing team sports and had no idea what was going on with my body. 

At 13 I was admitted to the hospital for suspected appendicitis.   I ended up staying in the hospital for a few days and a surgery later we found that I had a large ovarian cyst that had ruptured as well as a bit of endometriosis.   At this time the treatment was birth control pills, send you on your way, and drink diet sodas and healthy choice meals.   

The above DID NOT HELP!

I have struggled with PCOS for years.  Nearly 20.   My ovaries are combative.   My uterus is hostile.  

At one point I shot up to 317 pounds.  I have suffered through 6 miscarriages.  I have dealt with depression and anxiety.  * I still deal with them *

I found an amazing outlet and better way to life shortly after my first date with the now husband.

I lost over 100 pounds at home. 








I learned the benefits of proper supplementation paired with great nutrition.

I carried a healthy miracle Rainbow Baby to term and we were blessed with the most amazing son ever.  His Name is Tobias!







I found a love for fitness and Nutrition I never thought possible.   I decided to continue my studies and am now a Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness & Nutrition Specialist, Women’s Fitness Specialist, Weight Loss Specialist, and PiYo Live Instruction.  I am also a home fitness business owner – and have a huge slew of other experiences in my tool belt. 

Why did I tell you all of this.

I tell you this first so that you know – PCOS is REAL.   It doesn’t discriminate.   It doesn’t care that you have other things to do.  It rears it’s ugly head whenever and where ever.  

What led me to surgery * I know, I know what you have all been waiting for *

First part of July, I had my first real postpartum period.   I had been told that the first one would be a nightmare.  This was heavy.  I was bleeding though super plus tampons, AND pads every 15-20 minutes.  I was also bleeding chunks.  Chunks the size of my hand. This went on for a weeks and a few dr appointments  during this ordeal and after we finally got the bleeding to stop determined we would need some surgery.  My uterine lining continued to thicken when it should have been thinning.   I also have numerous ovarian cysts and we suspected from the pain the endometriosis was back with a vengeance.  


This whole process happened very quickly.  

I was scheduled for a D&C, hysteroscopy, and laparoscopy.   

Today, I am home from all 3 procedures and recovering.   

I will actually update you tomorrow on the Day 1 of surgery as I am exhausted now. 

PS – please ignore any spelling of grammatical errors.   I try to relay helpful information and am not a very proficient writer.  

Healthy Mug Cake

Healthy Mug Cake

I love to bake.  I love chocolate. I love cake.  I also thoroughly enjoy fueling my body and feeling great.  Unfortunately baking, cakes, and most chocolates don’t align with my goals.   This has made me super sad.  So, I have set out on a venture to make  healthier versions of every bad thing I love.   I fully believe that everything in moderation is key but this healthy mug cake is completely guilt free. Plus it was made in less than 5 minutes.

1 egg 

1 scoop vegan chocolate shake  

1 tbs honey 

1/4 tsp baking powder 

dash of salt 

splash of vanilla almond milk. 

Combine all ingredients in a coffee mug microwave 90-120 seconds top with peanut butter

Seriously its that simple. 

Happy baking 🙂 



Lazer Family Recap!!!

This last year has been a complete whirlwind.  After struggling for years with pregnancy loss and infertility – Lee and I finally welcomed our perfect bundle of joy into the world last October.



I promise to keep this short 🙂 ( okay shortish)


A little back information – I have PCOS ( Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome).  I also have Endometriosis.  My husband and I did nearly 18 months straight of fertility treatments.  It was miserable. AND. IT. DIDN’T. WORK.   In October of 2015 I was admitted to the hospital for what I only assumed was a ruptured ovarian cyst.  It wasn’t It was a chemical pregnancy ( very early miscarriage)   At that point we were done trying.  We were done living our lives in 2 week time frames.  October 30th 2015 I decided I was NEVER going to be a mama and donated every last baby thing in our house.

Christmas Eve – I turned 30.   I cried in my closet nearly all day because here I was 30, childless, and just a complete mess of what did I do to deserve this?  I had prayed so hard for a baby.   So very very hard for years.  I just didn’t understand why.  ( Funny how things never happen in our time )

It was at this time I decided to really focus on my fitness and nutrition.  I had already previously lost over 100 pounds by working out at home and getting my hind parts far away from the golden arches!

Pre-Pregnancy Jess

Fast forward to Feb 2016 – Still hadn’t had a period since before Christmas and decided to take a test.  It was positive. It kept getting darker every day and I finally called the doctor for an appointment after nearly a week of testing at home.   Doc confirmed and we were seen the following week for an early ultrasound to make sure implantation happened properly.

Ultrasound looked great and we got to hear the most precious thing ever.   A heartbeat.  A very strong, loud, and very much viable heartbeat.   It was also the scariest sound ever.  Would this baby be ok?  Would I actually get to hold this baby?

We had numerous other ultrasounds and kept our lips as sealed as possible until we were past the dreaded “danger zone”  –

We had a beautiful gender reveal at home and then shared some amazing photos with dear sweet friends.


We chose the name Tobias.  It means the goodness of God.  We felt it was a proper name for our mighty strong child.   He quickly earned the nickname of Mighty Tobias.  After surviving my seemingly hostile uterus, totaling an SUV, and food poisoning all before he was even due.


We had 2 beautiful baby showers to celebrate our rainbow.  One here in the mountains and one in the bluegrass.   Sweet friends and family showered our sweet miracle with love and we our grateful for all of his sheltering trees.



Bluegrass shower

Mountain Shower










I remained pretty sick the entire pregnancy.  Nausea, Heartburn, and the dreaded all day sickness.   It lasted the ENTIRE pregnancy.  I had to be hospitalized for fluids a few times.  We also had several pre-term scares.  I went into early labor right at 30 weeks and after an overnight stay, lots of fluids, a shot of something to stop contractions I was sent home to hang out in bed. That was a ton of fun- I stayed in bed most of the time and only got up to do very light yoga for the next few weeks.  I stayed as active as I could and rested the rest of the time.



I stayed propped up with every possible pillow I could find.  My poor husband didn’t stand a chance.  Sheepie remained my faithful sidekick the entire time.






Meanwhile, I kept getting bigger, and bigger.






We finally got around to getting some pregnancy photos taken


The last several weeks were a complete blur.  I got bigger, and we just played the waiting game.  My due date came and went and I went in on a Sunday morning and ended up with an emergency c-section.


Our sweet bundle of joy came crashing into the world  that Sunday.  I’ll save the birth story for another post


xoxo Jess



I want to hear from you….

There are so many times in life that we have questions we want answered, topics that need covered, or just a simple how-to.

Sometimes, we are afraid to ask for these things simply for fear of sounding silly or uneducated.

As I am updating this website and they functionality of this blog as well – I want to hear from you.   What questions do you have?  What topics would you like to know more about?  What kind of how – to’s are you looking for.

My goal is simple- I want to help YOU the best way possible and reach the peak of your potential.   I want to help you go farther than you even believed possible and then some.    The only way that I can do this is by hearing from you and what YOU want me to cover.

So lets hear it.  From PCOS, Auto-immune, Infertility, Plus-Size Weightloss, Endometrios, Eating Disorders, Rape Recovery, Self-Image issues- If it’s something that I can help you with I want to.   So either comment below or send a message via the contact form.

Looking forward to chatting and learning together soon.

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The Joys of a Hostile Uterus- (My First Round of Clomid)

My twenties are rapidly coming to an end. My uterus has continued to remain unwilling to corporate with any of our efforts to grow a family without medical help.  After what seems like an eternity of trying on our own we turned to some skilled hands for fertility treatments.  Last August I began a fertility type treatment known as femara.  (To make this post bearable we will just leave it at IT DIDN’T WORK FOR ME)

On March 31st I finished my first round of Clomid.  I read tons of great reviews of ladies suffering from PCOS “falling” pregnant on the first try.   I was ready to start painting a nursery after reading so many success stories.  I even prematurely bought some cute baby clothes.  What I wasn’t prepared for was the 5 days of intense side effects.  While this round of Clomid did not work for us I’d like to share those 5 days of side effects.

If you are going through this journey just know you AREN’T ALONE.


11:45PM- I Took my first dose of Clomid. I took the pills late so I could hopefully sleep through side effects.  I ended up staying up super late so I could be sure to record any

possible side effects I may end up experiencing.  At this point I am officially my mothers child.

3:30AM – Not dead – Can officially sleep

6:30AM- Wide awake, Drank 30 oz water, horrible awkward right shoulder pain- going

back to sleep

7:30AM- No chance of sleep.  Drank a shake and did a brisk 2 miles on the elliptical.

I am kicking clomid’s ass.

Feeling ok today – Clomid is not that bad – I can totally handle a dull headache

6PM-  Why are my eyes blurry?  WTF why are my eyes blurry


11:45PM – Took second dose of Clomid.  Took Benadryl and straight to bed.

8AM- Headache from Hell.  Migraine pills should help this. Pop 2 migraine pills.

9AM- Eyes are burning and blurry.

10AM- Why hasn’t this excedrin kicked in yet?

1PM- thoroughly read the caution label on said excedrin bottle took 2 more.

4PM- Sharp pain right shoulder and collar bone, stomach feels like we are driving really

fast going up and down hills.  Waves of nausea.  Waves of flippin’ nausea

8PM- I may have to check my liver into rehab after this round of clomid

This headache has not backed down-

I should write a letter to the manufacturer of these “migraine pills” about the

ineffectiveness of their product to alleviate a headache.

10PM- My aloe plant died and I cried ridiculously


10:20PM dose 3 taken

How is one supposed to procreate in this state of mind?

12:30AM- My skin is crawling- my bones feel like they are on fire.  My dog must sense

my pain and is trying to cuddle.

Heartburn- So much heartburn

1AM- Please don’t puke, please don’t puke

2AM- Why can’t I sleep. 

4AM – sent a lengthy email to complain about the ineffectiveness of excedrin

7AM- I am still awake.   Did i not off at all last night?

9AM- Plain tylenol today

11AM – This crap doesn’t work either

3PM- Struggled through a 3.6 mile run.  Take that Clomid.

7PM- Still have a headache-


I hate everyone and everything today. 


Praise be.  Today is the last day

Last dose taken at 10PM

I kept these notes in my iPhone notes section and by days 4 and 5 I was so miserable I wasn’t even keeping great tabs.  All I know is one day I will get to tell a story of how much I loved a little soul that hadn’t even been created yet.  And how this heartbreaking journey will be worth every second.

*Note Round 1 of Clomid did NOT work for us.   I finished the 5th and last dose on March 31st- Tomorrow, April 24th I go for scans to check for hyper stimulation and we will chat about further options.*

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Springing Forward

I’m not great with blogging.  Mainly because I’m not great at writing.  In order to get better at anything, you must practice and become better through experience and time.  So, I guess I will start writing.


With spring in the air and quickly approaching it is time to spring forward.  Whether with your fitness and nutrition or another goal you have been pushing toward.

My goals are simple- To get stronger every day in all aspects.  I want to be a better wife, continue getting better with my fitness and nutrition, finish my heart project, and work on getting my body and home ready for a tiny human.

I’d love to hear your goals and dreams.   I’d love to help you with them if it’s an area I can be of assistance.


<3 Jess


As you may or may not know I am horrible at staying consistent with the blog part of the webpage. That is changing – after much prayer, discussion and planning the site will be updated with new pages and updated links!!

Bare with me for the next few weeks as everything is put into motion !

Is there anything you’d love to see here ??