Ketone Experience Packs


What in the world are these ketones?

How keto//os works: You drink one serving per day!  You gain energy, lose cravings,  have a reduced appetite, and just feel better in general. These products make it easy to follow any meal plan successfully and get results! For maximum weight loss results you can drink 2 per day if you wish!

A keto meal plan paired with intermittent fasting will help you get the best results, however any meal plan can be followed to experience benefits and see results.


Benefits of Ketones:

Appetite Suppression

Better Digestion

 Better Mood

Better Sleep

Fat Loss

Fast & Sustained Energy

 Muscle Preservation

Reduced Brain Fog

Strength Gain


Experience a 5 or 10 day “variety”  pack with different flavors so you can choose your favorite before buying a full package!

*I order my experience packs in bulk and then ship them out to you! Please allow 7-10 days for arrival. *

Currently shipping to the U.S. 

5 Day Experience Pricing: $35

10 Day Experience Pricing: $65

Shipping included!



Upon receiving this form, I will send you an invoice for your experience pack. Once paid, your experience pack will be confirmed! I will add you to our AMAZING keto resource group via Facebook –  Don’t forget to friend me! I’m Our facebook group will have additional resources for you to CRUSH your 10 day keto experience!!!

You will get an email from me as soon as I ship out your pack!

*If you want to get in touch with me, Facebook messenger or text (828-424-0089) is best!*