Thigh gaps and Tiny Waists





If all you are doing is chasing an outer objective or something crazy like a thigh gap and 26 inch waist all you are doing is tearing yourself down by judging yourself in a light that was NEVER meant to be shined upon you.
Did you know thigh gaps have nothing to do with weight but more bone structure? So if you have wide set hips or you aren’t looking to ever build muscles in your quads you may just have that thigh gap one day ! STOP WORRYING ABOUT THAT SILLY GAP. Disclaimer I do have super wide set (child-bearing) hips and may one day have a slight gap – but it is not my goal !!!

You are already beautiful and were handcrafted by the most amazing of creators . ☀️ FOCUS on making your body a temple from the inside out and being a light for others. What you’re looking for you will find !!

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