The Joys of a Hostile Uterus- (My First Round of Clomid)

My twenties are rapidly coming to an end. My uterus has continued to remain unwilling to corporate with any of our efforts to grow a family without medical help.  After what seems like an eternity of trying on our own we turned to some skilled hands for fertility treatments.  Last August I began a fertility type treatment known as femara.  (To make this post bearable we will just leave it at IT DIDN’T WORK FOR ME)

On March 31st I finished my first round of Clomid.  I read tons of great reviews of ladies suffering from PCOS “falling” pregnant on the first try.   I was ready to start painting a nursery after reading so many success stories.  I even prematurely bought some cute baby clothes.  What I wasn’t prepared for was the 5 days of intense side effects.  While this round of Clomid did not work for us I’d like to share those 5 days of side effects.

If you are going through this journey just know you AREN’T ALONE.


11:45PM- I Took my first dose of Clomid. I took the pills late so I could hopefully sleep through side effects.  I ended up staying up super late so I could be sure to record any

possible side effects I may end up experiencing.  At this point I am officially my mothers child.

3:30AM – Not dead – Can officially sleep

6:30AM- Wide awake, Drank 30 oz water, horrible awkward right shoulder pain- going

back to sleep

7:30AM- No chance of sleep.  Drank a shake and did a brisk 2 miles on the elliptical.

I am kicking clomid’s ass.

Feeling ok today – Clomid is not that bad – I can totally handle a dull headache

6PM-  Why are my eyes blurry?  WTF why are my eyes blurry


11:45PM – Took second dose of Clomid.  Took Benadryl and straight to bed.

8AM- Headache from Hell.  Migraine pills should help this. Pop 2 migraine pills.

9AM- Eyes are burning and blurry.

10AM- Why hasn’t this excedrin kicked in yet?

1PM- thoroughly read the caution label on said excedrin bottle took 2 more.

4PM- Sharp pain right shoulder and collar bone, stomach feels like we are driving really

fast going up and down hills.  Waves of nausea.  Waves of flippin’ nausea

8PM- I may have to check my liver into rehab after this round of clomid

This headache has not backed down-

I should write a letter to the manufacturer of these “migraine pills” about the

ineffectiveness of their product to alleviate a headache.

10PM- My aloe plant died and I cried ridiculously


10:20PM dose 3 taken

How is one supposed to procreate in this state of mind?

12:30AM- My skin is crawling- my bones feel like they are on fire.  My dog must sense

my pain and is trying to cuddle.

Heartburn- So much heartburn

1AM- Please don’t puke, please don’t puke

2AM- Why can’t I sleep. 

4AM – sent a lengthy email to complain about the ineffectiveness of excedrin

7AM- I am still awake.   Did i not off at all last night?

9AM- Plain tylenol today

11AM – This crap doesn’t work either

3PM- Struggled through a 3.6 mile run.  Take that Clomid.

7PM- Still have a headache-


I hate everyone and everything today. 


Praise be.  Today is the last day

Last dose taken at 10PM

I kept these notes in my iPhone notes section and by days 4 and 5 I was so miserable I wasn’t even keeping great tabs.  All I know is one day I will get to tell a story of how much I loved a little soul that hadn’t even been created yet.  And how this heartbreaking journey will be worth every second.

*Note Round 1 of Clomid did NOT work for us.   I finished the 5th and last dose on March 31st- Tomorrow, April 24th I go for scans to check for hyper stimulation and we will chat about further options.*

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