My Why

..."I want to be around for a while. I want to lead a life by example...... I NEVER want him to worry about a number on a scale..."

My why never changed.  My mission didn’t change.  My heart hasn’t changed. 

My methods are what changed !!

After years of trying to figure life out and wondering why what I was going wasn’t working I realize that sometimes God will make you extremely uncomfortable so you can move in the direction He intends.  

My why didn’t need to me be stronger. I just needed to have a clearer path so my vision could take flight !

Raise your hand if you’ve undergone some pretty crazy stuff and are super excited about new beginnings   

My why :

I’ve battled with chronic illness and disease my entire adult life and most of my still living with the parents life.   Some of these things were just cards dealt.   A may have been preventable through simple effective nutrition and effective exercise.  

I simply want to create a domino effect.  I don’t want any other women to feel helpless when the scale pushes over 300 because they have no IDEA where to start and everybody they’ve reached out to just says well “do you workout?”

I want to end the never ending cycle of not good enough and show other women suffering that there is hope.  I want to love on these women like Jesus ( Be quick to love and slow to anger ) while giving them the best tools possible to lead a healthy life and truly be in the moment for their selves, and their families. 

I want to be around for a while.  I want to lead a life by example.  I want my bear to be like that’s my mom and pass down all the healthy traits and JOY to him.  I NEVER want him to worry about a number on a scale or a jean size.    



PS.  I love getting to know YOU.  Comment and let me know what YOUR WHY IS?

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