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It's been a HAWT minute. No Really.

It's been a while. We've had a LOT of life changes.

To name a few, I had a COMPLETE/TOTAL Hysterectomy in April of 2021. My youngest "Buffalo" wasn't quite a year old at the time. I had a LOT of complications during surgery, and honestly we are very blessed to be ALIVE and it's a privilege to be dealing with pressure and maintaining hormones earth side. I get to watch my boys grow up.

Said boys reaching for the stars (or paper lanterns)

Work Wise. --> I packed up and moved to Florida with the boys in tow to advance my career in technology. (Yes, I still run my business BUT I am honored to be able to learn and advance my personal growth, goals, and career with the DT.)

Said work Christmas Party (my favorite photo) just occurred and this year like I said has been INSANE. TC here has been my ride or die since the beginning. She leads how I NEED to be led and not how I want to be led. ( I'll do a work round-up later) We've been able to truly live a life of adventure and outdoors that we wanted. The boys are thriving, and I'm coming out of my funk. I've been operating at about 20% of normal it seems for the last 2 years and so excited to be healing and back to normal. Brain fog is lifting, and my itch to write is back. I feel a little discombobulated and disorganized with my thoughts. I'm sure it will come back soon!


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